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ePonger is software used by table tennis clubs worldwide to manage league games, player results, and reporting.  It’s based on Microsoft Excel and runs standalone on any Windows PC that has Microsoft Office 2010 or later.  It does not require an internet connection.  It was originally developed by Jeff Pepper for the Pittsburgh Oakland Table Tennis club in 2013, and has been used since then at clubs around the world.

“I run multiple leagues, and this program is simply the best and most flexible that I have encountered.  Multiple RR formats and bracket-style tournaments are easy to utilize, with instant feedback regarding rating changes.  I have also been shocked by how much our ratings reflect US ratings, a bonus that I did not foresee.”  – Mark Krotec, President, Pittsburgh Oakland Table Tennis Club

Use ePonger on game days to print sign-in sheets, quickly check in players, automatically assign them to groups according to a variety of different methods, print score sheets for round robins and playoffs, record the results, update ratings, and generate reports to share with your club members.

“We absolutely love ePonger at ABG Capital. We have been using it for the better portion of two years running weekly brackets and it does everything we need it to do. The beauty of ePonger is its ability to go from a signup sheet into ranked brackets in just a few short clicks. You can mix skills in the first round or establish groups by rating, your choice. I’m not sure what we would do if it wasn’t for ePonger; the ratings really get a sense of competition going and that keeps people coming back to the table. It is incredibly easy to use and as soon as we started using it we stopped our search for a table tennis system.” – Sebastian Kiely, Founder, ABG Capital TTC

ePonger is intended to be used by clubs and not for running major tournaments.  It assumes you have your own club rating system, it doesn’t help you submit reports to USATT, and it has no concept of running multiple events at the same time.  Its “sweet spot” is a club with up to 500 members, that runs regular league events with up to 12 groups and 96 players at a time, and where the league events consist of one or two round-robin sessions plus, optionally, a single elimination event.  (If you’re looking for tournament software, try Omnipong.)

Interested?  Great!  We’re happy to send you a copy to try out.  ePonger is shareware, which means you can use it for free, but we ask you to make an annual contribution to offset the cost of building and maintaining the software and supporting our users through this website.

We are also interested in engaging volunteers to improve ePonger.  Contact us if you have suggestions for improvements and have the Visual Basic for Excel programming skills to implement them.

Learn more by visiting the Product page.